Current 8-Week Courses

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Keep in mind, we offer a lot more than just these three topics.

Gain a basic understanding of Adobe Photoshop CC in this interactive 8-week class. Click below to connect, get more information, and sign up!

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Gain a basic understanding of Adobe Illustrator CC in this interactive 8-week class. Click below to connect, get more information, and sign up!

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Learn visual storytelling and editing in this 8-week video course. Click below to connect, get more information, and sign up!

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Why learn digital art?

There are a plethora of reasons why art is important, digital or tactile, but in this day and age of autonomous technology, the more prominent competency for human beings is the "soft skills." The "art" side of everything.

The competencies you will learn from Bradley and his team apply to everything, not just a career in digital art. There is an "art" to everything, from the trades to medical professionals. Computers cannot automate the sentient nature of human beings.

Aside from professional skills, digital art is a great hobby! Much like going to the gym, it works your creative muscle to write stories, design graphics, and film or photograph the world around you, broadening your horizons and further improving your work-life balance.

Why take classes from Bradley specifically?

With a Master's Degree in Art Education and Human Development, Bradley is here to help! This is not a static, pre-recorded and decentralized YouTube lesson; this is exclusive access to Bradley and his team's expertise on your specific situations. You are paying not only for the live (and recorded) video classes, but professional help when needed.

While we limit live participants to 100 individuals for our 8-week courses, that does not mean you cannot still attend! We offer $50 off to those who cannot attend live, but watch the filmed classes on their own.

Technology is always changing, and so must we.

Because software updates include new tools and ultimately, new techniques, you may find yourself wanting to take courses again. We have got you covered!

You can either take our courses a multitude of times to stay current in the software, or simply subscribe to our database of all filmed courses so you can go back and watch whatever you need to continue!

We understand you may only need training in a few features for your job, or for a new tool you do not understand, therefore we do offer individual training for a small fee as well.

We are building an educational community.

Please note that all of our classes, both individual and group, are archived and labeled for those who subscribe to our media education. Therefore, unless otherwise stated, our meetings and classes are available for others to learn from in the future.

If for any reason you wish for us to keep individual meetings off the archive, please let us know upon meeting.